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We want to equip our students with tools to:

*understand their bodies and dance with ease and comfort;

*connect deeply to their partners, themselves, the space and the music;

*dance with meaning and expression;

*develop their unique tango style.


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Our seminars stand out for the deep and comprehensive analysis of the inner workings of the body and the subtleties of communication in the couple, presented in a detailed and logical progression.

We draw on an eclectic combination of expertises (Daniela is a former MIT engineering professor and classical pianist, Luis has a background in massage therapy) and experience teaching together since 2006.

We have chosen to pursue a unique focus on foundations because, as professional dancers with over 40 years of tango between the two of us, we find that they hold the key for true improvement, regardless of level. This emphasis makes the seminars simultaneously accessible to less experienced dancers and challenging to those with miles of tango behind them

Since 2011, our Foundations Immersion Seminars have been taught more than 20 times in Buenos Aires, the United States and Europe. We continue to work to refine and improve each program, but are happy to have arrived at a point where many students from all over the world return several times to advance their learning with us. 



Each program includes techniques and concepts based on the most fundamental aspects of tango:

- connection with the self: posture, axis, core, body awareness, walk and pivot technique


connection with the partner: embrace, timing, coordination in the walk and in circular movements, two-way continuous communication, the active role of the follower

- connection with the music: rhythm, melody, expression of emotions, quality of movement, dynamics 

- connection with the space: floorcraft, techniques for social dance

We cover heavy doses of fundamental individual and partnering technique, before spinning off in different directions based on the particular theme of the seminar. Some amount of relevant vocabulary is always covered too, even though it is not the central aim of our programs.


Each seminar is divided in two 90 or 120-minute sessions per day, over two to five days.

It is progressive: every day we reinforce the steps already taken, and build on them to cover new territory. There are lots of drills and exercises are constantly revisited to facilitate permanent changes.

It is shared with a small group of peers and a pair of attentive teachers, who watch their students closely and are eager to meet each of them right where they are along their paths, offering lots of hands-on, individualized feedback.

The seminar is a focused journey but we also pause along the way to enjoy the views: dance, laugh, connect with our companions through meaningful conversation, and share meals.

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