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"I found the immersion seminar to be transformative. Your expertise and attention to musical and physiological detail helped me to refine my tango from the ground up. After three years of weekly lessons and scattered workshops, your immersion helped me to bring it all together, to fill in the gaps, to train and retrain muscle memory, to be more engaged with my partner, and to love tango at a deeper level. Rigorous. Exhausting. Fun at a whole new level."  - Sharon Rowley, Virginia Beach


"Bob and I want to send our rather belated but enthusiastic thanks for such a great workshop in Newport News. We knew you were expert dancers and teachers, but the experience far exceeded our expectations. We are so appreciative of how much thought, preparation, and hard work you put into every one of the classes. We were enlightened on many levels. We also had a great time getting to know you and the other participants in the class; it was a really fun time even though the work was intense! Now we are home practicing (and practicing!) the lessons we recorded at the end of each session. We have our work cut out for us. We’ll keep checking the calendar on your web site and look for any events on the East Coast… We will definitely be back for more." - Mary Jane Pahls, Delaware


"Your Tango Foundations Immersion Course is unlike any workshop I have ever taken. Even though there were other couples, I felt I had your full attention to every detail as I progressed through the course. You both are truly exceptional teachers and I have gained an immense amount of knowledge and technique in my dancing. The two of you have a unique blend of knowledge and experience plus an uncanny ability to communicate on a level that makes everything so perfectly clear. Instead of simply telling us, 'lead from your core', or 'stay on your axis', or 'feel the music' you break down into steps what needs to be done to effortlessly accomplish all of this. It really makes a huge difference in my progress when I understand HOW to lead from my core, HOW to stay on my axis, and HOW to feel the music. What muscles are involved, what the sequence is, how it should feel, and also your exceptional musicality which you communicate so well. Your class consisted of fairly new dancers as well as long time veterans --- and each and every one of them felt they had gained something very precious. I personally feel you have given me the equivalent of more than a year of conventional training in 5 days." - Tom Murach, Cleveland, Ohio


"My partner and I went to the seminar in Virginia. No matter what your level, this is a great program. I wish we'd found it earlier-- it would have saved us a lot of time! We noticed a difference in our dancing right away. Daniela and Luis are very down to earth. At the same time, they are laser sharp technicians and will hone in on your individual needs without mercy. We came away inspired and with lots of information we will be working for quite awhile. If you can, go." - Abby Millager, Delaware



Aloha and thanks for the wonderful tango intensive in February. I really enjoyed it, and was amazed at how comprehensive it was. So, not only was it fun, I really learned a tremendous amount about dancing, and using my body in movement – thank you. I would recommend this instruction to everyone. Initially, my plan was only to attend part of the training, and once involved in the learning process, it became apparent that it was important for me to attend the entire program. It was very well organized, and the teaching was excellent. Daniela explained things to me that helped me understand a lot of new body movements and musicality, and then Luis helped me really feel how to implement these concepts into my dance. These two teachers have really influenced my dance in a positive way over the years, and I owe them a ton of thanks. I want to especially let people know how much I appreciate Luis, and everything he has taught me. I do not see him often, but when I do, he has a tremendous impact on my dance as a man in tango! He helps me understand the dance itself and how to maintain my balance while transmitting feelings and information to my partner. If anyone is considering these dance lessons with Daniela and Luis, they can't do wrong! No matter what you are working toward in the tango experience, it is a wonderful experience. Sincerely, Carl M. Stepath, Kauai, Hawaii, USA


Daniela and Luis Immersion Seminar last August was a dance changing event for me. I learned a completely new way to move and relax my body. I am a totally different dancer now than I was. The ways they teach and demo ....and be sure that you use... are brilliantly simple. It is obvious that they know physiology and use it. They are kind, committed, and charmingly humorous, which keeps class light and fun. Since these classes are very personal and attentive to each individual..."hands-on" could go many times to this same workshop and get a different benefit every time. I wish every person that I dance with would take this workshop! I loved it. - Lindy Cummings, Ithaca, NY


"I want to let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop and how much I learned. With each day that passes I feel changes in my body, for example my lower back pain is getting less every day and my 'regular' walk is changing... for the better." - Ljuba Lemke, Durango, Texas


Once again, thank you very much for running the immersion programme. For me, it was perfect. I came with a mission of 'getting to dance without tension'. I know the 'faults' that I have but cannot rectify as no one have the time to explain and demonstrate the solution. Right from the start of the programme, you effectively identified the 'faults' and, demonstrated in minute detail what the solution is, and ensured that I actually do take on board what you mean. Eureka! I feel more comfortable in my walk and also feel that I am better balanced. You were also able to identify precisely my timing to the music in that my heel hits the bit rather than the ball of the feet. Again it was difficult to get out of that habit but you persevered with me and eventually was able to be in synch with the music. The additional benefit of the programme is that the duration and intensity of it created the atmosphere of one able to get rid of the 'faults' by taking them out of one's habits. I do believe that the five days duration of the course is the minimum required to ensure that we gain new, corrected good habits. I am back in my old haunts in London and am getting many positive comments from the tangueras that my dancing is much lighter, smoother and no longer leaning onto them. All in all, I had a great time in Bs As, and effectively achieved all the goals that I had set myself. I met many wonderful people and made many friends. Your tango house is in a great position being close to so many milongas as well as in an area whereby it's easy to get around. I certainly will try to make it to Bs As again next year, and a follow up to the immersion course would be just perfect. - Tony Wong, London


My husband and I did 1 of Daniela and Luis’s 5-day Immersion Tango workshops in early March. We also stayed at their tango house, newly constructed. We were a little apprehensive: Would we find that people in the house were sympatico with us? Would Daniela and Luis be supportive, enthusiastic, good teachers? We knew from their videos that they were superb dancers, but that doesn’t always mean they’d be the kind of instructors that rather new tangueros can benefit from. Our expectations were met entirely. Daniela and Luis were fabulous hosts, making us feel comfortable in every way. They attended to our every need, from their arranging for pick up at airport with a reliable friend, to suggestions about getting around the city, to milonga ideas. But, best of all, they were excellent instructors, individualizing their program for each level represented in the class. They also made it fun, never criticizing or acting impatient. Their imagery of “happy dog” during ochos, for example, has stayed with me: it’s a way of remembering how to dissociate your torso from your legs and feet. They also gave a concise summary at the end of each day, an opportunity for us to video and review what we’ve learned for the future. Our time there was enhanced by living with a bunch of congenial, interesting people from all over the world, people we could join for nightly milongas. We both treasure our time there and find it’s boosted our passionate dedication to tango. - Karma and Jeff, Massachusetts


You are both exceptional tango instructors and I am very grateful to have spent nearly two weeks with you in Buenas Aires, Argentina last month. I learned far more about foundational tango during the immersion than I could have ever imagined and fully intend to use all that I learned. The experience was great and I look forward to seeing you both and your new daughter this summer at La Tangueria in Newport News, Va. I am ready for more!! - Willita Morring, Newport News


We had been looking for a way to review the basics in a deep and thorough manner and this seminar delivered exactly that. Luis and Daniela have prepared the material in a very structured way and although for us, as being self-critical persons, it was quite challenging and demanding, with their explanations, encouragement and positive energy they got us through the week. After the seminar the real work begins: to incorporate all the material into your dance.We highly recommend the immersion seminar both for beginners as for experienced dancers as it covers the foundations of walking and pivot technique which are the pillars of tango. - Karen and Ali, Amsterdam


I had a great week last year along with Daniela and Luis and the group that participated in their IMMERSION SEMINAR. The program was progressive and the seriousness of their education did not prevent a friendly atmosphere. After the workshopsl, evenings were devoted to the discovery of the milongas of Buenos Aires. The private lesson that concluded the course was a great way to anchor learning. Certainly one of the most profitable and enjoyable courses that I was ever able to attend.- Marie-Jose Gosperin, Paris


A transformative experience! I especially appreciated the focus on fundamentals, building on central concepts while each day advancing into new material leading to a new and deeper understanding of the dance. The seminar helped me move my dancing to a new level of connection, confidence, and presence. Unique, too, is the focus on body mechanics—and in a fun and informative way. A great experience overall that benefits followers as much as leaders. - Stephanie Shields, State College, PA


"This past week's tango immersion workshop taught by Daniela Pucci and Luis Bianchi has been a truly amazing experience!! While the pace of this workshop was pretty intense and the amount of information taught felt overwhelming, our wonderful instructors 'crafted' in  A LOT OF FUN into their lessons, made us laugh throughout the entire workshop, and made some of us dance until the wee hours of the morning for the last 5 days. This has been the most fun, entertaining training I have taken in my whole life!!!" - Simona Manu, Virginia Beach

"As scrambled as my brain and feet (and hips, and shoulders, and pretty much everything) are, I feel that this was a major event in my learning experience indeed!!" - Eun Hee Jeon, Virginia


The immersion seminar helped us to be more aware of how we hold ourselves, how we move, and how to use body position to create energy and fluid movement. The class size gave us plenty of opportunity for personal attention from the instructors. Our group included friendly people from many countries, and we had fun with them both during and outside of the seminar. The private lesson was great because Daniela and Luis excel at identifying exactly what is needed and how to get you there. We know Daniela and Luis care deeply about their students, and they make sure students get what they need to improve their dancing, no matter what their level! - Sandy and Bruce, New Jersey


I would like to sincerely thank you for the great experience that the immersion seminar has given to me. In brief, thanks to the way you build up the program, and thanks to your personal attention, I have found two crucial for me things: my hips (and still have them half a year later!) along with balance in pivots; and the beat and musicality which now feel natural and more enjoyable. I am looking forward to take your next seminar series in Newport News. - Taisiya Mineva, Newport News


The 21 hour tango immersion classes stripped my dance down to the skeleton,then rebuilt it back up with more attention to mechanics and detail. Daniela and Luis spend much time one on one with each student. My two week stay and classes were excellent. - Tom Pope, Cleveland



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